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Hey! I’m Ann Hagerty Davenport (she/they). I’m a writer, editor, translator,  and writing mentor.

Before we dive in: check out my interview over at the Fierce Womxn Writing podcast! It’s 23 minutes, with a multi-part writing prompt at the end. I love this podcast and was thrilled to get to talk with Sara about my process & writer’s survival tips (as it were).

I work with some incredible projects: Terra Preta Review, QuillsEdge Press, Get Fresh Books, and Poetry Heals. Each is committed to social justice and creating a world where historically marginalized voices are respected, and writing and publishing opportunities are accessible to all. Check out my About page for links to some of my published work, or to learn more about my other work.

If you need a damn good editor, proofreader, or writing coach, I’ve got your back. If you’ve got a dream you’re working to manifest, I have years of strategic planning experience that dovetails nicely with bringing creative projects to life, thanks to my background in non-profit management. Email me about the support you need, and I’ll send you a quote. I offer sliding-scale rates for BIPOC, LBGTQIA2NB+, and differently-abled folx, so tell me about yourself too. You can also check out my straightforward hourly rates if you simply need an attentive manuscript review or eagle-eyed proofreading magic.

What I’ve learned, and I keep realizing anew, is that having all the answers isn’t the goal. Not even close. The goal is discovering the questions that keep us growing, evolving, thriving. Exploring questions that don’t have easy answers can illuminate paths we didn’t even know we needed. Maybe some of my questions will be useful to you, or I can help you find your own urgent questions to open up your path. I hope so. Let’s explore.