I have them. 

Overly simplistic? Nah. Well, maybe. Possibly achievable? Well, maybe. The least realistic one might actually be “go to bed by midnight.”

This summer started off great; I was focused, I was freelancing, I was getting my shit done. Then I got sick. Really sick. Then it dragged on, and on, and on, and still on, and on some more. In fact, it’s still dragging on. During the past five weeks of varying degrees of illness, my whole life got away from me. Deadlines came and went with nothing but a feeble wave and possibly some tears from me. Projects crawled onto the shelf to take indefinite, resentful naps. My insomniac self took over completely, to the point that I was going to bed somewhere between 5 and 7 am most nights, um, okay, mornings. I’d sleep until noon or so, wake up, hate myself, hate feeling sick, and the daily cycle just kept repeating. 

So while this list might seem simple, that’s where I am right now. Square one, again. Here we go. Getting it together. Remembering that life is a work in progress, and it’s time to paint back over that murky mess of a canvas and create a new picture. One I actually want to see every day. 

So it goes. 

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