Creative Prompts for March 31 – April 14

If you need some prompts to jumpstart your next creative work, I’ve got your back.

Click the link below to open a PDF with 15 prompts. Get analog with it – just cut along the lines (I recommend trying not to read these before you’re ready to use them, as much as possible anyway – so you might want to turn the page over before cutting along the lines!), fold up the pieces, and put them in a small box or bag. Shake it up, draw one, and respond. Easy as that.

These are geared around what you might be dealing with during the astrological period from March 31st (the full blue moon in Libra) through the balsamic moon April 14th. But given that we’re all pretty much working with universal themes on the regular, even if it’s far past late March/early April, I hope you’ll find something to spark your creativity.

(If you create something you love, and you share it on social media, please tag @31annotations or #31annotations – I’d love to celebrate your work.)

And if you’d like to get writing prompts from me delivered to your inbox, along with other thoughts around creativity and adventuring the inner landscape, just hop on over here to sign up for my free newsletter. Cheers.

Full moon in Libra writing prompts – newsletter 3.31.18

One thought on “Creative Prompts for March 31 – April 14

  1. Hello, I feel this is for me. Something I can learn from. I am interested in your email list and creative prompts.
    I missed your last mailing March 30.
    Many thanks,
    – Dee


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