Look out, 2018.

I think we all emerged from 2017 feeling a little soul-bruised, yeah? Just me? Definitely not just me. Last year was a year of taking one step forward, two steps back, for me. Some really wonderful things happened – teaching Pogatry workshops with my dear friend Kirsten, launching an anthology at the small press I … More Look out, 2018.


I have them.  This summer started off great; I was focused, I was freelancing, I was getting my shit done. Then I got sick. Really sick. Then it dragged on, and on, and on, and still on, and on some more. In fact, it’s still dragging on. During the past five weeks of varying degrees … More goals.

In the labyrinth

I’m writing this as I sit on a cast-iron bench next to the labyrinth at Colorado College, immersing myself in a moment of stillness. Despite the incessant construction noise from across the lawn, it’s peaceful here, and I needed to find some peace today.  I’ve been undergoing a healing journey that’s lasting a lot longer … More In the labyrinth

*happy dance*

It’s taken years and years of dreaming, being afraid, finding courage to try, fucking things up, learning from those mistakes. But here I am, nearly done with my day job and starting to create my new life. This morning I sent invoices to a couple of my first freelance clients. This afternoon I started building … More *happy dance*