Explore Your Inner Landscape

Let’s face it: we all benefit from looking inward sometimes. For me, spending time with Tarot cards and looking at astrological ephemera are vital practices. Not only do they help me better understand myself, they help me to better navigate the opportunities and challenges engaging my life at the moment.

There are so many tools out there for self-exploration; these are simply the two I love the most, and which resonate most strongly with my intuitive and learned abilities. Whether you’ve never had a reading, or you yourself are an experienced practitioner, I’d love to offer you my support. There’s always more to learn—one of the things I love most about these pursuits.

Services range from three-card readings delivered via downloadable .mp3 or .wav file  up to 90-minute recorded, video-chat or in-person readings. Unless specified as video chat or in person, all readings are recorded in audio files, and a link to download is sent to you. This allows you to listen to the reading as many times as you wish. Video-chat or in-person sessions can also be recorded for later review.

Tarot Readings

Three-card Tarot reading – $25
Celtic Cross, Spiral Path, Chakra, or other 7-10 card Tarot reading – $60
Half-hour Tarot reading (phone or video chat) – $50
Hour-long Tarot reading (phone, video chat, or in person) – $100
Ninety-minute Tarot reading (phone, video chat, or in person) – $150

Project Analysis – exploring goals, fears, opportunities, and challenges for a given creative project through one or more bespoke Tarot spreads (audio recording, phone, video chat, or in person) – half hour, $50; one hour, $100; ninety minutes, $150

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Astrological Readings

Birth Chart Analysis (audio recording approx. 45 minutes) – $75
Birth Chart Analysis (one hour; phone, video chat, or in person) – $100

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